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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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americ making news in america this morning, final stretch. just 13 dayays to go until the first voters have their say in this 2016 race. the candidates going head-to-head. trump fumbling a bible verse as the british parliament debates banning the billionaire. major american cities waking up to the coldest temperatures this season and the west coast preparing for another round of rain. we are tracking i all. close call. a driver heading down aighway when a light pole comes crashing through. and king james beaten badly. scuffling with steph curry in the biggest blow-out of his
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cavs fans saying it all. as we say good tuesday morning hope youou're enjoying breakfast looking at that picture. two weeks from this morning the result of the iowa caucuses will be in. >> donald trump and ted cruz battling it out for first place on the republican side. hillary clinton and bernie sanderfor the democrats and all of them desperate to win that first contest. >> abc's megan hughes has the latest for us from the campaign trail and joins us now from washington, d.c. good morning, megagan. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and reena. that's right. the latest iowa polls show that it is tight for both politic parties, but especially on the republican side. ted cruz and donald trump neck and neck. at liberty university trump made an appeal for evangelical voters. >> two corpsinthians, 3:17, that's the whole ball game where the spirit of the lord, right -- >> reporter: the spirit of the campaign, that's a different story. trump blasting cruz on "this week." >> he's a nasty guy. nobody likes him, nobody in
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nobody likes him anywhere. >> reporter: cruz tweeting this janet jackson video in response to being called nasty. don't mean a thing to me >> repororter: cru says he's getting under trump's skin. >> donald seems to be rattled. >> reporter: cruz's campaign continues to hammer trump over his, quote, new york values. releasing t this 1999 veo trump in his own words. >> hey, i lived in new york city and manhattan all my life, okay, so, you know, my views are a little bit different than if i lived in iowa perhaps. >> reporter: one person not talking trump, hillary clinton. asked on the campaign trail were whether he would divide the american people and destroy america, clinton dodged. >> wow. well, that's a pretty good summary. >> reporter: sanders is standing by his attacks on clinton from this weekend's debate telling abc news in columbia -- >> she has received $600,000 in one year from speaking fees from goldman sachs.
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apologize. >> reporter: sanders is going big inowa today. he has four events scheduled. trump has threen the all-important hawkeyee state. kendis, reena. >> megan hughes, live in washington, thank you so much. meantime, the british parliament held a lively debate over whether to ban donalald trump from visiting. >> they did so because half of a million people signed petition asking for him to be excluded over his call to ban muslims in the u.s., although the debate was required, a vote was not, so trump is free to visit britain. now to the morning's other major story that we're following, the brutal cold weather that is spreading beyond the dwest. now hitng the east coast >> let's take a look at the radar, lake-effect snow still sweeping into upstate new york. snowfall rates could be 2 to 4 inches an hour. accuweather's paul w williams tracking it all. good morning, paul. >> thanks, kendis, reena. well, that rude cold air from the north will actually bother the good old southern
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down towards the tennessee valley region and into the evening time it'll stay cool throughout portions of florida. travel problems, great lakes and towards the northeast more lake-effect snow and snow showers developing throughout the northern rocky mountain states then along the california coast, widedespread scattered showers, it's going to cause localized flooding and serious travel problems. kendis, reena. >> paul williams at accuweather. three of the americans freed by iran are in gerny recuperating from their ordeal reuniting with family members and receiving visits by members of congress. "the washington post" repororter jason rezaian spent 1 months in irananian cusdy and says he's eling g good physically and his family agrees. >> he's definitely lost some weight. but, you know, really di i mean, he was joking, we were joking around. we were having a good time. you know, and really did act the same. >> rezaian says he k knowseople want to hear from him but he
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process exactly what happened. well, former marine amir hekmati, however, lost no time processing his first steak dinner in more than four ars. his family and congressmen joined him in germany, the fourth former prisoner stayed in iran and an american student who was freed as part of the swap is already in boston. but the family of another american still being held in iran says they feel betrayed by the white house. former fbi agent robert levinson disappeared in 20 while working indirectly for the cia. the family tells abc's brian ross, the government could have done more. >> i'm very disappointed. i'm -- feel extremely betrayed by them. they have done nothing to get in touch with me other than after i asked them to. >> who was serving his country and his country hasn't done its duty to get him home. >> u.s. officials tell abc news levinson was part of the
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not know why he was not included the swap but the door is now open to talks with the iranian government about him as well as other issues. some new details about what mexico is doing to keep el chapo from escaping again. take a look at this photograph. it is the first of the kingpin since he was sent back to prison 11 days ago, during his first five nights there he s moved seven times. there are more than 30 cells to which he can be moved by guards with cameras on their helmets and new surveillance cameras make sure there are no blind spots. the mayor of flint, michigan, will be in washington today seeking help with the city's water crisis back in flint two new class action lawsuits announced againinst the governor and health officials amid a city financial crisis in april 2014. the state decided to save money by switching the water supply to the flint river. residents' l leadevels have risen since then. the los angeles rams are taking deposits on season tickets and first to plunk down
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magic johnson but the rams can't sell the luxury boxes until it's determined who will be sharing their stadium. the chargers and rams held their first meeting last night. neitherr is ying what was discussed or even if there will be further meetings. a martin luther king day protest caused this. members of black seed, an off. shoot of black lives together strung the cars together. 25 arrests made and the road was re-opened. in washington, president obama and the first lady followed the king day theme of commity service by helping to fill bags with books for the needy. each bag included a copy of "oh, the things you can do that are good f for you" about dr. seuss. that's a good one. still ahead, it is that time of year, tax returns. now accepted. this year y youet more time. plus, saying good-bye to a music legend, the shocking news
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ernight reaction from the stars.
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crashing through a car's roof. how is this for a drive home. this happened on the belthway outside washington,n, d.c. a light pole crashing through the roof of this prius, just six inches from the driver's head it all started when an ambulance hit the pole and knocked it over. the driver credits god for saving his life. well, residents of a small ohio village are mourning a police offic who died in an ambush. the body of thomas cattrall was found.
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boyfriend was looking to shoot a police offir. dispatchers tried to warn officers on patrol but it was too late. the suspect now in c custody has a long criminal record. the tax filing season begins today. this is the first day the irs will accept 2015 returns. the agency says it has taken steps to protect against identity theft so you may notice some changes this year. state tax agencies say they may delay their refunds. you also get an extra three days this year because of a local holiday in washington, d.c. the deadline this year didis april 18th. trader joe recall over a possible salmonella contamination. the concern involves 16-ounce bags of raw chew pieces. distributed to its stores in 30 states with a best before code including 7/17 no illnesses includes so far. complete details at our website. not too early to be thinking about your valentine's day dinner with that special someone.
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are going fast, yes, white castle. bet you didn't think of that one, kendis. >> it's a breakup dinner. >> it's the 25th anniversary of valentine's day, table service at the burger chain. this year's menu includes shrimp nibblers, strawberry and cream waffles and don't think castle isn't very romantic, a spokesn says it also has wedding bookings for later this year. >> oh, very nice. wear a white dress for it. when we come back, new this morning an overnight police chase complicat with a car full of dogs. and a plane with the nose off the ground damaged in severe weather.
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just switch to walgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill. you can even get one-dollar copays on select plans. well, the same storm system that spawned tornadoes in florida sunday morning did this to judge judy's private jet. fier winds tilted the nose up andd damed the underbelly at the nles airport. the judge actually shouldn't have trouble getting it fixed. >> today expect wet roads in california further inland snow on the roads and also a few inches in the upper midwest. rain further south and temperures sliding near lake erie and ontario. flight delays in san francisco and kansas city. days after david bowie's death music fans are mourning
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roll great. plenty of room at the hotel california >> eagles co-founder glenn frey died after facing several serious health challenges. only 67. he wrote many of the megahits including hotel california and had success as a solo artist with songs including "the one you love" and "you belong to the city." >> tributes are pouring in. don henley posting he was like a brother to me. we were family. it will be very strange going forward in a world without him in it. >> brian wilson fro the beach boys tweeting, i was shocked to hear about glenn frey passing away. it was a real blow to hear. "love & mercy" to glenn's family tonigh" anger is building abo the lack of diversi in this year's oscar nominees. >> i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. >> that is actss jada pinkett smith.
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second yeaear in a row there are no people of color in any of the four acting categories. the motion pickcademy president acknowledging late last night something is wrong and promising changes. >> w what we really need iso support of the industry a across the boarard,he entire industry our efforts to actually get this accomplishment done. >> director spike lee also says he's not attending the ceremony. filmmaker michael moore won't, as ll. well, a bizarre end to a pursuit in southern california. poce chasing a suspect racing away from police wh several dogs inside her car. the cops sabled the vehicle and the driver surrendered then let the dogs loose. they ran around the freeway snarling traffic until police could round them up. >> answering the question who let the dogs out. health news now and worrying new n numbers about lyme disease. a new stud die finds that the ticks which spread the disease have now advanced to half the
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researchs say it's now important for people to protect themselves from ticks in places where they didn't before. now, when caught e early lyme diseasee can b effectively treated with antibiotics. this isn't the sort of move you want to see on a basketball court. jamal reed intentionally tripped a referee because he didn't like the call. he wasuspended for at least four games. more if the coaches don't like his contact. he has apologized. rematch of last spring's nba championship series and didn't go well for the cleveland cavaliers. before the game golden state's steph curry had boasted about winning the title saying he hoped he'd still smell the champagne in the visitors' locker room. >> some smack talk. no surprise that he and cavs star lebron james got into it in the first quarter. it didn't matter because curry finished with 35 points as the
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the king and the cavaliers, 132-98. this photo, though, this morning really kind of sums up -- these are the cleveland fans, one guy sleeping, the other guy digging for gold. >> digging for gold. >> or something. >> that's an interesting phrase. maybe he thought theeam was number one. >> perhaps. we know they have the number two pick in the draft. >> oh. up next in "the pulse," steve harvey getting emotional talking about his epic mistake at the miss universe pageant. >> and no more headaches. the hangover-free alcohol. whoa. what's going on here? oh hey allison. i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. val fr voya? yeah, val from voya. quick question, what are voya retirement squirrels doing in my house? we're putting away acorns.
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time for us to checkthe pulse." we'll start w with steve harvey and some disturbing revelations after that miss universe debacle. the talk show host trying to come back after mistakenly announcing the wrong winner in the miss universe ntest. >> yeah, so he named miss colombia the victor before realizing it was actually really miss philippines. dur the taping of a two-part show on the topic, he got especially emotional talking about his wife. >> that night i went to bed at 12:30. i woke up at 2:. i couldn't even sleep. but my girl got it with me, marjorie. she got up with me. she wass the best. [ applause ] and you got to have somebody with you. somebody climb down in the hole with you and she did that. >> ah, that's so touching. harvey says it's been especially difficult for his family.
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and they've been viciously attacked on social media. everyone had such a laugh at his expense and he is the funny guy but people forget that when you make mistakes like thatn an internationanal level,t hurts. >> it dis hurt and he's come around to celebrating it a little bit but obviously after it immediately happened it was tough. >> hard, right. . >> so you can back off now and ladies and gentlemen, it turns out that man flu is a real thing. apparently the flu really does hit us guys harder. researchers at johns hopkins have figured out that women are protected from aggressive flu simms because of the female hore hone estrogen. >> did a man do this survey? >> yes. >> and the research for this. >> sure sounds like it. >> a smart man. >> still doesn't mean we should wait on you hand and foot, kendis. so get your own chicken soup. >> no, come on. >> or north korea claims it's achieved another scientific
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north korea's officiall media says it's maderom begin skeng and instead of sugar, it uses burnt rice. >> okay, so it's the sugar that causes a hangover apparently but experts are skeptical to say the least. last year north korea claims its scientists had discovered cures for aids and also ebola. >> don't get too excited. >> you'll end up like that still. now to a story blowing up on our website, more than 1,000 likes for a pooch that loves to give hugs. >> yeah, this affectionate border coleboard border collie and the owner recently posted this with the german shepherd named grizzly viewed more than 36 million times. look at that hug. oh. >> that dog is everyone's best friend. >> it is.
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our top stories, this tuesday morning, a busy day ahead for all the presidential candidates with less than two weeks to go until the iowa caucuses. the battle for front-runner is getting particularly sharp. three of the americans released by iran are in a military hospital in germany getting used to freedom. one decided to remain in iran, a fifth former prisoner is already in boston. the arctic cold tt's been freezing the midwest is spreading into the northeast. temperatures in some midwestern states haven't been above zero since satuturday. and taking a look at today's weather, heavy rain along the west coast, heavy snow further inland. light snow in the upper midwest and rain further south. much me heavyvy snow along the eastern great lakes. and finally tenennis sti has a reputation as a genteel sport but there are new allegations that some of its matches may have been fixed. >> this morning some of the sports ranked players are now
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abc's david wright has the story. >> reporter: as the australian open kicks off down under, a bombshell threatens the integrity of professionall tennis. a report on allegations of widespread match fixing implicating some of the more competitive players on the grand slam circuit. budfeed news and the bbc repor on documents they say were leaked from a secret investigation commissioned by professional tennis. >> this is a growing problem. it's huge and the tennis integrity unit is just not getting to grips with it. >> reporter: the reports point to gambling syndicates in russia and sicily that whistle blowers sought to fix mches at grand slam events including wimbledon. sorrenno serena williams and novak djokovic were asked about the report. djokovic called it a crime against sport and admits people close to him were approached about giving him $200,000 to
4:57 am
russia in 2007. he says he dropped out of the tournament instead and doesn't want to be lind to this kind of thing. williams says she doesn't know anything about it. telling the assembled media, quote, when i'm playing, i play very hard and every player i play seems to play hard. among the players implicated in the reports, more than a dozen who have ranked in the top 50 in recent years including eight players scheduled to play in the 2016 australian open. >> a group between six and ten players really who were the main focus of the evidence that we had dug up. >> reporter: officials are pro tennis insist they take the issue seriously and that the sport's tennis integrity unit always follows up. david wright, abc news, new york. >> within thehe last hour andy murray playing down under called it all disappoints. >> really is. such a fantasticsport. i really love tennis, watching tennis. that's what's making news in america this morning.
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morning america."
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